How to Win at Roulette and Advanced Strategies


Are you looking for a sure-fire way to beat the roulette table? Well, then step in line. Unfortunately, the truth is that there is no silver bullet to solve the question of winning roulette. This is one game that is random chance every single time you spin the wheel. With this in mind, be very wary of sites offering you success in one of their systems.

So if a system is an unlikely solution, then how can you win at roulette? Most roulette systems are based in money management systems. This is no guarantee that you will win, instead it is a way to guarantee that you can still pay your car note at the end of the month. Money management is a basic strategy that should not be taken for granted in a game like roulette where the energy of the game can easily carry you away.

Some of the roulette strategies that you can use are based on mathematical calculations. For example, the "shower" strategy requires you track the numbers hit on several roulette tables. Look for a trend in the 60 or so spins of each table. Keeping notes is helpful unless you have a preternatural ability to store these numbers in your head.

When you have amassed a list of numbers and noted which tables have had repeated numbers, you are ready to jump onto that table and make a play. Which numbers will you bet on? Follow the trend and bet those same numbers that you have already repeated more than four times. Following trends has been a strategy for hundreds of years and while it may not be fail safe, it is a way to be a more active player in the game.

The "pivot" strategy is based on the belief that roulette wheels are not perfect and there is one side heavier. This would allow a side of the wheel to be favored and certain numbers to be favorably chosen. This is not really a reliable way to play since modern casinos have more than thoroughly tested their roulette wheels before and while they are on the floor.

If you are keen to play a game of roulette and have fun, then the outside bets have a higher likelihood of winning. These are bets on the possibility that the ball will land in a pocket that is even or odd; black or red; 1-18 or 19-36; a number in one of the columns on the layout, or even in one of the three dozen (1-12, 13-24 or 25-36). These are lower payout because they are great winners.

To develop your favorite strategy, whether it is following trends, playing a combination or inside or outside bets, or your own unique system, you can practice for free. Online casinos are easy to play with free money and have a blast. Take your strategy from basic to brilliant with a few practice sessions in the online roulette rooms.

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