Variations of Roulette Game


Roulette is a game that has lasted for hundreds of years and has been a favorite for its excitement. The mathematical odds of winning in roulette can vary greatly depending upon which variation you play. Of course there are on land and online, but there's much more to know than that. Especially online, it is easy for players to have a wide array of variations to choose from.

The roulette version that can offer players the lowest house advantage is the French version. The French version of roulette has one zero on the wheel. However, an additional rule called "La Partage" adds bene it to players. Call this out before the ball stops and if the ball lands on the zero, then half of the even money bets are given back to the players. With this rule in play, the house edge is reduced to 1.35%.

The next friendliest odds are in the European version. Again, this wheel has pockets 0-36, and yes that is only one zero in the European versions. A variation in the European game, similar to the French "La Partage" rule, is called "en prison". Sometimes casinos handle this rule slightly different; however, generally it means that the player makes an even bet. If the ball lands on zero, then the bet is placed in "prison" and if that bet wins on the next spin, then it is returned to the player. Consequently, if the ball lands on zero again, the bet is double imprisoned and the player must win twice in a row to get the bet back. There is also an option to take half back, and this is a safer play.

A zero and double zero (0 and 00) are typical in the American roulette wheel. This gives the house double the opportunity to take the winnings. The house advantage in the American version of roulette is 5.26%.

Another variation of roulette that has emerged is the mini roulette table. The look of the table is simplified and the numbers on the wheel are from 0-12. With such a small wheel, the chances of that zero popping up are greatly increased. The house edge in mini roulette is 7.69% and the worst of the four variations mentioned so far.

Overall, there are more things in common between the variations of roulette, than not. However, understanding the intrinsic differences in these four major variations is the base from which to choose the game suited for you.

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