Roulette Tips or Myths


Roulette has been surrounded by mystery and intrigue since it was born. It was a famous legend that one of its famous forefathers Fran├žois Blanc made a deal to sell his soul to the devil for the secret to roulette. Mystery still swirls around the roulette table for those who have added all the numbers together on the wheel to get a total of 666!

But enough of the hocus pocus, let's talk real tips. Roulette is fairly simple mathematically and there is little (to nothing!) that can be done to alter the outcome of the ball's nesting place. Real tips are logical ones, such as only play the outside bets. The outside bets include the even/odd, black/red, dozens, etc. There is a lower payout for these bets for the very fact that they are more likely to hit!

Roulette systems are methods you can buy from "professionals" or mathematicians, but in roulette, they may as well be "snake-oil salesmen". Roulette is random and there is no action made by any other player or the house that can change where the ball lands. So save your money on the system and manage your bankroll instead.

It is always a good idea to monitor the table and watch what numbers have hit before. Remembering that every single time the ball spins is random, there are still many players that enjoy following trends, and it may be beneficial, or at least entertaining to be a more active player.

There are so many colorful myths surrounding roulette. One of my favorites is that one side of the roulette wheel is heavier than the other and therefore certain numbers are more likely to come up. I guess this could have been true in the 18th century when the craftsmanship was more "handmade". However, nowadays, you can be assured that the casino has put each piece of equipment through more than a few tests. Roulette wheels are subjected to a battery of tests and certified before and while they are on the casino floor.

So, I guess you can see that good roulette tips are common sense and logic. Roulette has one of the highest house advantages in the casino and unless you are playing with some good common sense, you will have a very short night indeed.

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